RKH_RSM_T Struct Reference

Describes a (referenced) submachine state machine. More...

#include <rkhsm.h>

Data Fields

 Maintains the basic information of state.
RKHROM void * defchild
 Points to state's default child.
RKH_TRN_ACT_T iaction
 Points to initializing action (optional). More...
 Points to RAM memory location which stores the dynamic parent.

Detailed Description

Describes a (referenced) submachine state machine.

Definition at line 2378 of file rkhsm.h.

Field Documentation

RKH_TRN_ACT_T iaction

Points to initializing action (optional).

The function prototype is defined as RKH_TRN_ACT_T. This argument is optional, thus it could be declared as NULL.

Definition at line 2399 of file rkhsm.h.

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