RKH_BASE_T Struct Reference

Maintains the basic information of a state. More...

#include <rkhsm.h>

Data Fields

ruint type
 State type. More...
const char * name
 Name of state or pseudostate. More...

Detailed Description

Maintains the basic information of a state.

Definition at line 1991 of file rkhsm.h.

Field Documentation

ruint type

State type.

Contains the type of a particular state and can have the following values:

  • RKH_COMPOSITE: composite state.
  • RKH_BASIC: basic state.
  • RKH_CHOICE: choice pseudostate.
  • RKH_CONDITIONAL: conditional pseudostate.
  • RKH_SHISTORY: shadow history pseudostate.
  • RKH_DHISTORY: deep history pseudostate.

Definition at line 2007 of file rkhsm.h.

const char* name

Name of state or pseudostate.

Pointer to an ASCII string (NULL terminated) to assign a name to the state object or pseudostate object. The name can be displayed by debuggers or by Trazer.

Definition at line 2018 of file rkhsm.h.

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