rkhfwk_hook.h File Reference

Specifies the interface of hook functions. More...

#include "rkhtype.h"
#include "rkhsma.h"
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void rkh_hook_dispatch (RKH_SMA_T *me, RKH_EVT_T *e)
 When dispatching an event to a SMA the dispatch hook function will be executed. More...
void rkh_hook_signal (RKH_EVT_T *e)
 When the producer of an event directly posts the event to the event queue of the consumer SMA the rkh_hook_signal() will optionally called. More...
void rkh_hook_timeout (const void *t)
 If a timer expires the rkh_hook_timeout() function is called just before the assigned event is directly posted into the state machine application queue. More...
void rkh_hook_start (void)
 This hook function is called just before the RKH takes over control of the application. More...
void rkh_hook_exit (void)
 This hook function is called just before the RKH returns to the underlying OS/RTOS. Usually, the rkh_hook_exit() is useful when executing clean-up code upon SMA terminate or framework exit. More...
void rkh_hook_idle (void)
 An idle hook function will only get executed (with interrupts LOCKED) when there are no SMAs of higher priority that are ready to run. More...
void rkh_hook_timetick (void)
 This function is called by rkh_tmr_tick(), which is assumed to be called from an ISR. rkh_hook_timetick() is called at the very beginning of rkh_tmr_tick(), to give priority to user or port-specific code when the tick interrupt occurs. More...
void rkh_hook_putTrcEvt (void)
 This function is called from rkh_trc_end() function, at the end of that, to allow to the application to extend the functionality of RKH, giving the port developer the opportunity to add code that will be called when is put a trace event into the stream buffer.

Detailed Description

Specifies the interface of hook functions.

Definition in file rkhfwk_hook.h.