inc Directory Reference


file  rkh.h [code]
 RKH framwwork platform - independent interface.
file  rkhassert.h [code]
 Specifies the assertion macros.
file  rkhdef.h [code]
 Defines constants and macros.
file  rkhevt.h [code]
 Defines event data type and other related macros.
file  rkhfwk_bittbl.h [code]
 Specifies the interface of the mapping table manager to deal with native priority algorithm.
file  rkhfwk_cast.h [code]
 Defines casting operations which are internally used by RKH.
file  rkhfwk_dynevt.h [code]
 Specifies the interface of dynamic event support.
file  rkhfwk_evtpool.h [code]
 Specifies the event pool interface.
file  rkhfwk_hook.h [code]
 Specifies the interface of hook functions.
file  rkhfwk_module.h [code]
 Specifies the macros to identify file modules.
file  rkhfwk_sched.h [code]
 Specifies the interface of RKH control operations.
file  rkhfwk_version.h [code]
 Defines the RKH version.
file  rkhitl.h [code]
 RKH engine interface.This header file is directly included in RKH interface file, rkh.h.
file  rkhplat.h [code]
 RKH platform abstraction layer.
file  rkhtype.h [code]
 Defines the data types that uses RKH.