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file  rkh.h [code]
 RKH framwwork platform - independent interface.
file  rkhassert.h [code]
 The assertions (RKH_ASSERT() macro) are used to check expressions that ought to be true as long as the program is running correctly. It is a convenient way to insert sanity checks.
file  rkhdef.h [code]
 Platform - independent file that contains standard constants and macros.
file  rkhevt.h [code]
 Event data type and other related macros.This header file must be included in all modules(*.c files) that use RKH.
file  rkhitl.h [code]
 RKH engine interface.This header file is directly included in RKH interface file, rkh.h.
file  rkhmp.h [code]
 Platform - independent interface for supporting fixed - size memory blocks facility.
file  rkhplat.h [code]
 RKH platform - dependent interface.
file  rkhrdy.h [code]
 Native priority management.
file  rkhrq.h [code]
 Platform - independent interface for supporting queue services.
file  rkhs.h [code]
 Platform - independent interface to the RKS scheduler.
file  rkhtim.h [code]
 Platform - independent interface for supporting software timer services.
file  rkhtrc.h [code]
 Platform - independent interface for RKH trace facility.
file  rkhtype.h [code]
 Defines the data types that uses RKH.