test_rkhsma.c File Reference

Unit test for sma module. More...

#include "unity_fixture.h"
#include "rkhsma.h"
#include "Mock_rkhport.h"
#include "Mockrkhtrc.h"
#include "Mockrkhsm.h"
#include "Mock_rkhqueue.h"
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Test cases of active object test group
 TEST (sma, Register)
 TEST (sma, UnRegister)
 TEST (sma, Constructor)
 TEST (sma, TerminateOneRegisteredAO)
 TEST (sma, ActivateOneAO)
 TEST (sma, PostFifo)
 TEST (sma, PostLifo)
 TEST (sma, Get)
 TEST (sma, Defer)
 TEST (sma, Recall)

Detailed Description

Unit test for sma module.

Definition in file test_rkhsma.c.