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RKH user configurations. More...


 Related to RKH port
 Configuration options related to RKH port.
 Related to Framework
 Miscellanueos and related with Framework (FWK)
 Related to state machine applications
 Configuration options related to active objects (SMA)
 Related to state machine
 Configuration options related to state machine behaviors.
 Related to trace facility
 Configuration options related to trace facility (TRC)
 Related to event queue module
 Configuration options related to queue facility (QUE)
 Related to fixed-sized memory block facility
 Configuration options related to fixed-sized memory block (MP)
 Related to software timer facility
 Configuration options related to software timer facility (TMR)


file  rkhcfg.h
 RKH user configurations.

Detailed Description

RKH user configurations.

See the Configuration section for more information.