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TWR-K60N512 for K60 processor

Running Shared RKH demo on Freescale K60D100 demostration TWR-K60N512. This is a guide to how to setup the demo board to evaluate the RKH framework. It assumes a prior knowledge on board features and development environment. On this demo, multithreading is reach through RKH uCosIII port.

Folder tree

+-bsp - MCU inicialization and Drivers.
+-prj - IAR V7_2 "shared" project.
| readme.txt - This guide file.
+-micrium - uCosIII kernel source code.
| bsp.c - Board support package source file.
| bsp.h - Board support package header file.
| includes.h - uCosIII includes dependencies.
| os_cfg.h - uCosIII configuration file.
| os_cfg_app.h - Application specific uCosIII configuration file.
| cpu_cfg.h - CPU specific uCosIII configuration file.

Shared demo BSP

  • The Led's D7 D8 D11 D12 shown which client request is running on server.
  • Pressing SW1 button introduce a PAUSE event.
  • Tracing info through SDA Virtual COM interface at 115200 8N1.