FRDMK64F for K64 processor

Running Shared RKH demo on Freescale K64F120 demostration FRDM-K64F. This is a guide to how to setup the demo board to evaluate the RKH framework. It assumes a prior knowledge on board features and development environment. On this demo, multithreading is reach through RKH uCosIII port defined by the Freescale KSDK OSA interface.

Eclipse setup

This project use KSDK_1.2.0, you must set it's installation path to the PROJECT_KSDK_PATH variable, before to build.

Shared demo BSP

  • The RGB Led D12 shown which client request is running on server.
  • Each Client have your own color, Client 1-4: RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW
  • Pressing SW2 button introduce a PAUSE event.
  • Paused state is shown with a WHITE in RGB led.
  • Tracing info through SDA Virtual COM interface at 115200 8N1.
  • Debugging info through UART3 at 115200 8N1 on J1 pins: 2(RXD), 4(TXD).
  • FRDMK64F is compatible with R3 shields, CuteDigi RS232 Shield can be used to adapt to RS232 levels the debugging info.