FRDMK64F for K64 processor

Running Shared RKH demo on Freescale FRDM-K64F. This is a guide to how to setup the demo board to evaluate the RKH framework. It assumes a prior knowledge on board features and development environment. This demo use native RKH scheduler (rkhs).

Eclipse setup

This project use KSDK_1.2.0, you must set it's installation path to the PROJECT_KSDK_PATH variable, before to build.

Shared demo BSP

  • The RGB Led D12 shown which client request is running on server.
  • Each Client have your own color, Client 1-4: RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW
  • Pressing SW2 button introduce a PAUSE event.
  • Paused state is shown with a WHITE in RGB led.
  • Tracing info through SDA Virtual COM interface at 115200 8N1.
  • Debugging info through UART3 at 115200 8N1 on J1 pins: 2(RXD), 4(TXD).
  • FRDMK64F is compatible with R3 shields, CuteDigi RS232 Shield can be used to adapt to RS232 levels the debugging info.