DEMOQE128 for Coldfire V1 processor

Running Blinky RKH demo on Freescale MCF51QE128 demostration board DEMOQE128. This is a guide to how to setup and use the demo board to evaluate the RKH framework. It assumes a prior knowledge on board features and development environment.

Before to start you must check this jumper settings

  • J6: RXD-PTB0 close
  • J7: TXD-PTB1 close
  • J8: COM_EN ON.
  • J9: at least PTC0 position close.
  • J17: EXTAL close, XTAL close.
  • J18: RESET_EN close, STLED_EN close.

Blinky demo BSP

  • Blink state is shown through PTC0 Led.
  • Tracing info through DB9 board connector at 57600 8N1.